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“They were so kind and attentive to us. They only ran the tests needed not extras as we were short on money at the time and wanted to help our sick dog. They always have an immediate answer for me when I call with a question. They called several times to follow up on my St Bernard who was ill even calling in the evening. They would never try to get me to make an appointment unless I really needed one.”


“In December 2011 I was on a road trip from Spokane, WA to St Louis, MO. My beagle’s paw was red/sore and understanding my travel schedule, they were able to take me in the same day. They took a sample, found that it was an infection, and sent me home with medications and a cone. The doctor and her assistant were very friendly and the cost was reasonable. I’d recommend them to anyone!”


“My husband and I were costumers of Animal Medical Clinic before we moved 7 years ago. When we came back to Butte to visit our family we boarded our dog Tink and asked Dr Mcquery to check her since she had been checked by two other vets for Really bad breath. Both vets told us that there was no problem with her, just caused by her food. Dr. Mcquery without hesitation found the problem. She had infected teeth. Thank you Dr Mcquery and staff for all your help. 18 teeth extracted but Tink is doing well.”

Layne and Tom Mantha

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